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"Maniac", one of the various achievements.

D'LIRIUM's Steam achievements are a set of 22 total feats, 3 of which are hidden. Whilst some are fairly easy or even literally effortless, others are extremely difficult to achieve and test the skill and patience of the player.

Basic Achievements w/ Strategies Edit

The following is the list of basic achievements for D'LIRIUM in ascending order of rarity (according to Steam's current global statistics on 5 March, 2018):

Achievements Rarity Strategy
22.7% This will only work if you're in-game, not in the main menu. Once in-game, press the "grave accent" (`) key, typically found in the upper-left of a keyboard, and it should put a new, simplistic window in focus. Titled "D'LIRIUM" with a type-able bar under the line "Developer menu", click into the bar if needed, type "test13" without the quotation marks, and press Enter / Return.
16.9% After passing through the red door on the final level, evading / killing the Impendend, Horror, and Nightmare, Ada will be taken to a room with "Exhausted" versions of her friends. Kill all three and proceed up the stairs, where a red key will lie. Get through the dialogue between Ada and Abel, and use the red key to go through the red door to the right of Abel. This will soon get the player the achievement as Ada puts on her scarf before stepping out into the cold.
16% At the end of the third level, there is a 1 of 11 chance to get to the lanterns level,to gain the achievement, where you be prompted to a darker than normal fourth level. New monsters will be seen, and a unique death animation. You will be prompted with unique text saying this isn't right, continuing on will show the Lantern level.
13.3% With the overwhelming amount of monsters, tightening corridors, and numerous pits / voids in later levels, it'll be difficult to avoid turning Ada into a maniac without careful and deft movement, very sparing or absolutely no use of Fireball, skillful utilisation of Teleportation, and a good supply of Sorcery spellbooks for the few, if any, that are killed. Keep an eye on her psychological health when killing; her initial kills will inflict 10-11 psych damage, and more kills will gradually reduce the damage to 0, sometimes even healing her psych by 1-2. When killing monsters gets to this latter stage of no longer affecting her psych, she's dangerously close to becoming manic. If she has a Sorcery spellbook, use it as soon as possible and soothe the souls of the monsters slain, pressing your Use button when near their souls; this will reduce the number of kills that will turn Ada manic.
11.9% Similarly to "She's in her mind", very decisive movement and precise use of Teleportation is necessary to beat the game this way. Whilst it's easier to simply sidestep enemies in earlier levels, later levels will be Hellish, becoming extremely difficult, even when the use Teleportation is practiced. The application of trial and error is practically unavoidable, requiring you memorise the placement of the monsters as well as their attacks to make it out alive. Even with Teleportation, you often might find yourself circling through an area many times to lessen the risk of teleporting into a wall or pit. Overall, it's a very tricky feat.
11.8% Collecting plants is rather essential to the gameplay, being the most effective and practical of three ways to maintain Ada's psychological health, although it builds up Ada's Toxicity. To get the most plants in the shortest amount of time, it's recommended to explore each level, though not to every single nook and cranny, as the plants emit a yellowish glow that's easy to spot in darkness. Ada's Toxicity goes down naturally - even when activating a Pentagram, so should the player be avoiding monsters, feel free to make use of this minor exploit.
9.5% Like "Botanist", levels will need to be explored a bit to seek out the monsters, though not nearly as thoroughly. Furthermore, allowing Ada to go into maniac mode will make this achievement less time-consuming, although it'll still require at least 2-3 runs to kill enough monsters. Care should be taken to ensure the player isn't overwhelmed by the later levels' large amount of monsters amidst the labyrinthine layout.
7.4% This one is as simple as the description is, do not use any magic, such as the Fireball, Teleportation, Sorcery, etc.
6.9% This requires the player to kill monsters in order to achieve. Using the Sorcery spell, a one-use technique per spellbook collected, souls will appear over the corpses of the monsters killed by Ada. Pressing the Use button whilst close to a soul will save them and soothe Ada's psychological damage, even taking her out of maniac mode if enough souls are saved. Whilst some Sorcery spellbooks are in plain sight, others are hidden away in dead ends and secret areas. Be sure to be thorough in searching the levels in order to gain the most Sorcery spellbooks, and remember the placement of each one, as a single Sorcery use lasts about 30 seconds; this means it's unlikely the player will save enough souls in one run to get the achievement.
6.9% As the achievement says, you must play through the game, find all items, secrets, and kill all monsters in the game. You can see how well you did at the end of each level, showing kills, items, and secrets. Be aware that you need to collect all plants and health items to gain this achievement.
6.6% With skillful use of Teleportation, teleporting into a monster will instantly kill them. To have the best chances of telefragging enough monsters, it's recommended to get significant practice with teleporting. Furthermore, the Teleportation button can be pressed 3 times; the first press launches the pearl, which rebounds off of walls and sails across pits, disappearing after 3 seconds; the second press dematerialises Ada and sends her through walls and directly to the pearl at approximately twice the pearl's speed, reappearing wherever the pearl is when she reaches it, or wherever she is when the pearl expires; the third press rematerialises Ada wherever she currently is, before reaching the pearl or before it expires. Whilst a tedious process, the third press allows much more precise telefragging, as the player can use this third keypress to rematerialise directly over any one monster instead of having to time the second press. Be warned, however: should the player miss a monster's hitbox, the monster will immediately attack Ada. On top of that, telefragging has the same effect on her psychological health as killing a monster with Fireball.
6.4% Destroying souls can be treated roughly the same as killing the monsters from which the souls are sourced. The one difference is that destroying souls will restore some health to Ada. Similarly to killing monsters, destroying souls can send Ada into maniac mode. For one already in maniac mode, they may choose to sustain Ada's mania if there's no monsters or plants around to keep her psych in check.
6.1% For a player that's actively killing whilst not in maniac mode and not taking enough plants, or escaping hits from Howlers' and Nightmares' projectile attacks, it will come naturally to achieve panic mode a good number of times. To farm for enough times entering panic mode, there's two ways to do it; the first is to stay in range of a Horror's influence long enough to die from psychological damage, then getting enough fragments of Ada's personality from her personal Hell before returning to take her out of panic mode, and repeating the process; the second is to be in maniac mode whilst teetering on the edge of panic mode, then killing a monster, eating a plant, or destroying souls if the prior two are less practical in whatever way, and waiting to return to panic mode.
4.5% The description simply says to not save, making it possible to gain this achievement even after dying by using the autosave that updates after completing each level.
4% Unlike "Carelessness", it's required of the player to not die unless they wouldn't mind starting anew. Extreme caution is advised, as well as seeking out each spot where bandages spawn, to make it through the game without dying, though an experienced player may find it much easier to survive.
3.8% Simply put, be cautious around monsters. Keep your distance from monsters, learn to dodge particular monsters' projectiles, and do your best to avoid being cornered or surrounded. Additionally, be sure to fully charge Fireball to deal the most damage per hit. Saves can be used to undo any physical damage Ada may receive at any point.
3.7% To gain this achievement you need to set the control to RPG in the options menu. Start a new game with it, play the game through, as you wish.
3.3% To gain this achievement you need to set the control to Classic in the options menu. Start a new game with it, play the game through, as you wish.
3.1% When you reach the second level and gain the teleportation spell, you are challenged with only using teleportation to complete the rest of the game. Using a movement key will deny you of the achievement.

Hidden Achievements w/ Strategies Edit

The following is the list of hidden achievements for D'LIRIUM in ascending order of rarity (according to Steam's current global statistics on 5 March, 2018):

Achievements Rarity Strategy
13.3% May possibly be based on the amount of time spent to complete the level. For example, Intentionally letting the mission run for over half an hour before attempting to solve it earned the achievement for one player. However, further testing is required to determine if it is in fact time-based, and if so, what the minimum time is for the achievement to trigger. (Perhaps 10 or 15 minutes could be attempted?)

Note that the achievement will not trigger *during* the mission; rather, only when the mission is completed.

10.3% To get the Paradox! Achievement, you must reach the end of the game, where you meet Abel at the organ. You must enable console (press the "grave accent" (`) key, ) and type 'idclip' into it, and god-mode 'iddqd'. Then walk towards Abel, to kill him to gain the achievement. (Note: This will count as a kill.)
5.2% The description makes it obvious. Presumably, this works on any wall. In the very first second of being able to move in the game, the player can walk into any wall at their discretion for a minute straight and gain this achievement.